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Never go to a Naturopath if …

Never go to a Naturopath
Don’t ever go to see a naturopath … if you’ve just fallen off a cliff, or if you’ve just had a sky-diving accident … and badly broken every bone in your body. Clearly, in these sort of cases I strongly suggest that you call an ambulance to get you to the hospital as soon as possible. Modern medicine has been shown to be great for these types of emergencies. However, if you’ve been complaining for many weeks, maybe months or years about some chronic long-term illness, maybe aches and pains, poor digestion, foggy head or if your ‘get-up and go’ has just got up and gone … then maybe I suggest you could see how a naturopath could help you.

Better still, rather than just seeing a naturopath, come along to my weekly ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’ and learn more about your-self, about self-care and self-development.

Holistic lifestyle Mentoring course
Many illnesses are the result of chronic health problems. Orthodox medicine has become so distorted that they have the audacity to label natural therapies as being unconventional. It’s crazy to call natural therapies alternative or unconventional. To find out how you can get better results, learn a ‘holistic’ approach to your well-being.

Most people want a holiday to escape from their daily life. They want to escape because of their poor lifestyle. So many chronic health problems are due to a poor lifestyle. If you’re not enjoying your life and you’re not well, you’re most probably suffering from a poor lifestyle.

The ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’ focuses on you getting to know ‘you’. We’re living on such a beautiful planet, for many we need to become ‘re-aligned’ and remember why we’re here, our mission … what we’re doing and where we’re going.

Know Thyself
To ‘Know Thyself’ is an essential component of wellness. It helps to build a good strong insight into who you truly are. The more you get to know who you are, the more you may be able to show up as you truly are in your life. You may be not only be able to assist with temporary relief of signs and symptoms … but also what else is possible? By gaining an enhanced appreciation of who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going is also a great motivator for promoting our wellness.

How to Educate Your Doctor
If we think about it, your doctor is just like any other business, which needs to make money. As the outlay to become a doctor is astronomical, typically many doctors leave university with a huge debt and they must try to pay back as soon as possible.

Unfortunately most universities tend to preach a lot of dogma. It may be referred to it as the ‘religion of science’. Most of the modern western mind is locked into this idea that science knows best. Hence, they’re usually blinded to any other possible perspective. At their time in university your doctor has learnt much about drugs and surgery. But, we may ask, how well does your doctor know you. How can a doctor get to know you in just a ten minute consultation? There’s a good chance you know much more about yourself than your doctor does.

In any business, venture or project, it’s considered that a collaborative approach works best. With a more collaborative approach, more can be achieved. At times to get the very best outcome, your doctor may need your help to help you. As you learn more about your-self, how your body works you can engage on a much more intelligent level with your doctor. Also get to do some research on the scope, the limits and possibilities of the practitioner you’re seeing. Also, remember to apply this with with other health professionals such as your chiropractor, dentist, naturopath and so on, so that your more aligned with what you want rather than just fitting into their agenda. There’s a better chance we may achieve a ‘break-thru’ from the ‘dogma of science’ with a more collaborative effort.

Natural is Not Alternative.
Paradoxically, we may consider that the modern day pharmaceuticals are the new kids on the block. Hence, much of these new, alternative products haven’t passed the test of time. Most who support the modern day pharmaceutical industry choose to stay oblivious to anything that doesn’t enrich their own wallet.

Remember all of your needs to be healthy. Research tells us how happiness can enhance our health in so many ways. Imagine what could be achieved if science were to collaborate with spiritual wisdom. There’s much wisdom in what spiritual cultures have known for millennia. Slowly, modern western science is starting to discover what our ancient wisdom have already known. Do the research and make it a priority to have a number of your own unique ‘routes to happiness’ in your daily life.

Now’s the time!
The holidays are over .. I’m especially excited to be starting back and be available for private consultations in Life-coaching … also I’m presenting some free seminars on the Gold Coast … and presenting a weekly blended/mixed live classes with live training supported with emails and online membership … only for those who are sincerely interested in enhancing their lifestyle and well-being. Also sessions are available over email and skype. If you’re interested please message or email me ASAP to arrange bookings.

Awakening Awareness

Have you ever reflected how as a young child we had little or no idea about so many things in life. As a young child we virtually had no idea about money, religion, politics and all that ‘strange sort of stuff’. Also, as adults, would you believe there’s so many things that we have no idea that we have no idea about?

So many people are stuck in a rut. They’re creatures of habit. They’ve allowed themselves to become programmed to keep doing the same things the same way over and over again. Most often without even being aware of it. We may say that, in this stuck state, we’re being run by circumstances rather than a conscious choice.

When we lock ourselves in, sometimes we’re locked-in so deep, we can’t find our way back out.
Awakening awareness is the first step in the evolution of consciousness. As a first step, to be able to solve a problem, we need to clearly identify what the problem is. Awakening awareness, to see our reality from a clearer perspective evokes more conscious choices.

The reason most people go to a doctor is because of stress, pain or fatigue. Much stress, pain and fatigue is because we’re unaware of the underlying causes. Once there’s a greater awareness of these causes, we may be more capable of making better choices on how to respond to circumstances more appropriately.

When we’re unconscious we’re more likely to react. Reaction is a very, primitive, knee-jerk reflex. It’s mostly triggered from fear. In must cases, this primitive reaction only makers circumstances worse. Awakening awareness is the first step in enhancing our ‘Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness’ and hence, enhancing our lifestyle.

Awakening awareness is the prelude to consciousness. Consciousness is the ability to respond to circumstances with love rather than react from fear. It’s the ability to respond to a situation in a more loving and beneficial way for each individual and also collectively for the highest good of all.

Your Next Step
In the upcoming ‘Awakening-Awareness’ seminar I introduce the philosophy as well as simple techniques to help clear these unconscious patterns. I share much of these insights from various teachers and masters over the decades as well as from insights from my own practices . Much of what I share is a more simplified modern western interpretation of the ancient eastern wisdom that can be easily integrated into our modern world.

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