Ron is available for the following private consultations in 2019

Specialising in Naturopathy, Massage & Counselling … for Stress, Pain & Fatigue management.

An array of individualised traditional natural modalities to help with enhancing well-being … including such as; iridology, diet, nutritional recommendations, supplements, herbs, etc.  … also; HeartMath Stress Test  & Bio-Energetic Meridian Stress Assessment.

A series of therapeutic and remedial techniques to assist with improved outcomes, such as posture, pain management and enhanced performance … including Acupressure/Shiatsu & trigger-point therapy, zone therapy, reflexology … also Reiki & ‘Quantum Cranial Activation’ & ‘Cellular Stress Release’ techniques.

Lets Talk! – with an array of counselling techniques … such as CBT, Voice-Dialogue, Solution-Focused Therapy, etc. … to help facilitate ‘Awakening Awareness’, ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’ & ‘Life-style Coaching’ … also ‘Create- Clarity’ and various motivation techniques for success-coaching.

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Ron also presents ‘Life Coaching’ with a series of seminars, workshops, courses and retreats.

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