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Awakening Awareness

Have you ever reflected how as a young child we had little or no idea about so many things in life. As a young child we virtually had no idea about money, religion, politics and all that ‘strange sort of stuff’. Also, as adults, would you believe there’s so many things that we have no idea that we have no idea about?

So many people are stuck in a rut. They’re creatures of habit. They’ve allowed themselves to become programmed to keep doing the same things the same way over and over again. Most often without even being aware of it. We may say that, in this stuck state, we’re being run by circumstances rather than a conscious choice.

When we lock ourselves in, sometimes we’re locked-in so deep, we can’t find our way back out.
Awakening awareness is the first step in the evolution of consciousness. As a first step, to be able to solve a problem, we need to clearly identify what the problem is. Awakening awareness, to see our reality from a clearer perspective evokes more conscious choices.

The reason most people go to a doctor is because of stress, pain or fatigue. Much stress, pain and fatigue is because we’re unaware of the underlying causes. Once there’s a greater awareness of these causes, we may be more capable of making better choices on how to respond to circumstances more appropriately.

When we’re unconscious we’re more likely to react. Reaction is a very, primitive, knee-jerk reflex. It’s mostly triggered from fear. In must cases, this primitive reaction only makers circumstances worse. Awakening awareness is the first step in enhancing our ‘Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness’ and hence, enhancing our lifestyle.

Awakening awareness is the prelude to consciousness. Consciousness is the ability to respond to circumstances with love rather than react from fear. It’s the ability to respond to a situation in a more loving and beneficial way for each individual and also collectively for the highest good of all.

Your Next Step
In the upcoming ‘Awakening-Awareness’ seminar I introduce the philosophy as well as simple techniques to help clear these unconscious patterns. I share much of these insights from various teachers and masters over the decades as well as from insights from my own practices . Much of what I share is a more simplified modern western interpretation of the ancient eastern wisdom that can be easily integrated into our modern world.

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